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Racing Support for European Baja events.

FIM Baja Championship 
European Baja Championship 
Portugal Nacional Baja Championship
Race in the Nationals with your own bike.
Full support and transport included, plus garage to store your bike and gear during the year.
Per race, per rider = 2650€

WHat’s included?


  • Full transport for the races, during the races with refuels and mechanical remotes assistances. Transport for the Bikes also for the races and back.
  • Support after the race, bike mechanical maintenance in a proper oficial dealer mechanical, tire job, gear wash (Tires and Mechanical maintenance in the dealer not included)
  • Full race paperwork, nacional license and all document you will need to participate. Entry not included.
  • 20 years of Nacionals knowledge, very important for beginners to do the step up. 
  • Full mechanical support during the race, with proper tools and mechanic, assistance stuff, tent, chairs, tables, food, water, fast fullfill gasoline tanks, eco carpets, lights, cables etc
  • Hotel with bookings in different places, if needed from friday to sunday, 2 nights, except ( Baja Portalegre 500 World Cup, and the European Bajas, like Baja Idanha, Baja Pinhal, that need 1 more day hotel)
  • Gasoline included (we need to include fuel, because is easy for us to have everything full before race, in different tanks)
  • Entry Price and lunch not included

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This is Portugal Offroad