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Pampilhosa 200 - Winter Tour 2024

Jan 21st 2024
Portugal Offroad Biggest event, for everybody, one day play, 200kms, 3 different tracks, 2 navigation options.

Pampilhosa 200 - Spring Tour 2024

March 24th 2024
Big Bike+Enduro+Roadbook
Portugal Offroad Roadbook event, one day play, roadbook navigation.

Santa Luzia Adventure and Enduro Bike Festival

May 24-26th 2024
New for 2024, an event to join enduro, rally and adventure riders together in off-road paradise.

In collaboration with rallymoto

Estrela 2000

Big Bike event, From Santander trough Estrela Mountain and back to Santader) 2000 kms of a 50/50 onroad/offroad adventure.

Tour of Portugal

19-21 April 2024
Portugal Offroad/Rallymoto Biggest event. A 3 days rally, full roadbook.

Join us for the offroad adventure!